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Administrative Procedure 363: Achievement Test and Diploma Examination Analysis

The Division supports the concepts of analysis of the results of provincial achievement tests and diploma examinations and the development of action plans to improve student learning.

The analysis, reporting and action planning should serve both evaluative and diagnostic purposes. The completed analysis, reports and action plans will serve as a major component in the reporting of student achievement to parents and students, the Superintendent and Board, the general public and the media in compliance with the expectations outlined in the Three-Year Business Plan of Alberta Education. 

  1. The divisional teachers of the subjects tested shall prepare an analysis of the students' results within two (2) weeks of the student analysis, item analysis and provincial data being received by the school.
  2. Each analysis will be accompanied by an action plan for the improvement of instruction and student learning. Each analysis and action plan will be submitted to and filed with the principal of the school along with a brief summary of the information that these documents contain.
  3. The analysis and action plans shall be prepared by those teachers involved in providing instruction in the areas tested for submission to the principal of the school. (Grade 3 will be prepared by the Grades 1, 2 and 3 teachers; Grade 6 by the Grades 4, 5 and 6 teachers; and Grade 9 by the Grades 7, 8 and 9 subject area specialists.)
  4. In consultation with the teachers involved, the principal shall prepare a consolidation of the teachers' reports. The consolidation of these reports shall be the primary source of information released to the school council and the public from that school regarding the achievement of the students enrolled there. The report from each of the areas tested and analyzed will be attached to the principal's consolidation.
  5. The Superintendent will provide the Board, the media and the public with pertinent information regarding student progress.
  6. Each teacher and the principal shall keep a copy of the appropriate analyses, reports and action plans on file so that a longitudinal record of instructional improvement can be maintained.
  7. Examination results, analysis and action plans will be done by teachers in the school at which the students are in attendance at the time of writing and used by those teachers to assist in the improvement of instruction. Information regarding these results will be provided by the school at which the student wrote the examination. The general results for each student will be forwarded to the receiving school in all cases where the students are leaving the school in which the writing is done at the end of the school year.
  8. Individual results for each student are to be made available to that student's parent or guardian in accordance with the policy/procedures developed by each school.
  9. Caution must be exercised in the interpretation of results from examination writings that have less than twenty-five (25) students writing that particular examination.

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