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Administrative Procedure 365: Reporting Student/Child Achievement and Attributes- Appendix A

Recommended Reflection of the Program of Studies for

Palliser School Division Report Cards

 It is the responsibility of the teacher to communicate to parents the achievement level of their children relative to the learner outcomes in the Alberta Program of Studies.  AP 365 - Reporting Student/Child Achievement and Attributes describes the criteria for report cards.  The criteria that the focus of this appendix is based on are:

  • Concise, clear, easy to understand by parents/students
  • Manageable for teachers
  • Reflects the Program of Studies

The recommendation is an attempt to accurately meet these criteria through the merging of outcomes to reflect enduring understandings and skills.

English Language Arts – Reading, Listening, Viewing

     Demonstrates comprehension

     Applies strategies

English Language Arts – Writing, Speaking, Representing

     Develops ideas

     Organizes ideas and information

     Communicates clearly


     Communicates as understanding of math concepts

     Applies math skills/understandings


     Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of content

     Applies scientific skills

Social Studies

     Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of content

     Applies critical thinking skills

     Locates, organizes, interprets and presents information

Physical Education

     Applies basic skills


      Demonstrates an understanding of concepts


    Applies basic skills


     Applies basic skills