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Administrative Procedure 365: Reporting Student/Child Achievement and Attributes- Appendix B

School Name

School Address


The report card is a formal summary of the student’s current progress.

Student Name:                                                          

Student ID #:                                                                          Student Photo


Grade:                                                                                                 Date:

  1. This student is learning academic readiness skills, foundational skills and functional life skills.  Please refer to your child’s individual program plan (IPP) for further specific information about your child’s learning goals.



Student Attributes


CD = Consistently Demonstrates                                                        S = Sometimes Demonstrates                                                   I = Infrequently Demonstrates


Work Habits

Demonstrates an interest in learning




Demonstrates cooperation




Works to complete planned tasks




Citizenship Skills

Demonstrates responsibility behaviours




Develops positive relationships with others




Expresses feelings in socially acceptable ways