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Administrative Procedure 411: Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation - Appendix B

Roles and Responsibilities 


The principal, or designate, will be responsible for the ongoing supervision of teachers. 


Each teacher has a professional responsibility to be an active participant in the supervision process and to work in a collaborative manner with the administration.

  1. Supervision of teachers will include:
    1. Providing support and guidance to teachers, including assisting teachers to become familiar with the professional responsibilities as outlined in the Teaching Quality Standard;
    2. Observing and receiving information from any source about the quality of instruction a teacher provides to students; and
    3. Identifying the behaviours or practices of a teacher that:
      1. Are deserving of recognition; or
      2. Might indicate the need for evaluation.
  2. The principal will participate in supervision through:
    1. Communicating regularly with teachers;
    2. Ensuring that the teacher’s annual Professional Growth Plan is reviewed and received;
    3. Visiting the teacher’s classroom for frequent informal observations of instruction;
    4. Gathering information regarding:
      1. The manner in which a teacher interacts with students, colleagues, parents and community; and
      2. The teacher’s participation in any aspect of school activity and alternate activities with school society agreements; and
    5. Coordinating collaborative colleague consultation.