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Administrative Procedure 514: Purchasing Cards

The primary objective of the Purchasing Card Program is to provide a more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective method of purchasing, as well as providing payment for, small-dollar transactions and offer schools a simple method for direct purchases.

The Purchasing Card Program is not intended to replace other established procedures.  Instead, it is intended to provide flexibility and autonomy to the cardholder while complementing current existing purchasing and payment guidelines. 

Authorized individuals may use Purchasing Cards for the purchase and payment of goods where it is efficient, economical, and operationally feasible to do so.

  1. Obtaining a Purchase Card and Submitted Limits
    1. Purchasing cards will automatically be issued based on the assigned role of the new employee. Principals and Senior Administration, as well as department heads, will automatically qualify for purchasing cards. A second card may be issued to each site at the request of the Principal and typically will be assigned to the administrative assistant however requests may be considered for other site staff on a case by case basis.
    2. Each purchasing card issued will have an established monthly credit limit. This limit will be established by the Secretary-Treasurer and is typically set between $1,000 and $5,000 per month.  
    3. An increase in transaction limits can be requested by emailing the Secretary-Treasurer along with your immediate supervisor.
  2. Purchasing and Reconciling
    1. Every transaction and credit transaction made using the Purchasing Card must be supported by valid and complete documentation. Not providing supporting documentation for all transactions is a Cardholder violation (See Palliser Purchase Card Manual) and may result in the termination of card privileges. Acceptable supporting documentation may include:
      1. Receipts with VISA transaction slip from the Supplier.
      2. Priced (including taxes) invoice/packing slip.
        1. Order forms, for dues, subscriptions, registrations, and similar items.
        2. Invoice showing “Credit Card Payment”.
        3. Email confirmation from vendor of order including taxes and payment amount
    2. It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to complete the monthly reconciliation by the final Friday of the month (or as indicated in monthly cardholder email). 
      1. Verify amounts on the VISA Transaction Summary match your receipts.
      2. Enter GST amount as indicated on receipt in the National Tax space provided 
      3. Provide a detailed explanation of expense in the comment section including any information required to ensure coding and approval accuracy
      4. Highlight items on the summary that you did not purchase and take appropriate action to dispute the charge by contacting Visa with the number on the back of your card.
    3. Restricted Purchases:
      1. The following are restricted or prohibited items, the purchase of which may result in the requirement for reimbursement from the cardholder as well as the potential loss of card privileges, disciplinary action including suspension and possible termination:
        1. Any alcohol and/or alcoholic beverages at any time or for any event 
        2. Personal use supplies or services
        3. Individual Professional Development
        4. Cash advances
        5. Donations
        6. Controlled substances 
        7. Contracted Goods and Services
        8. Maintenance contracts
        9. Extended Rentals or Leasing
        10. Direct employment of individuals
          * Full details on all violations and consequences can be obtained from the Purchase Card Manual.
    4. Purchase Card Cancellations
      1. If it is necessary to cancel a Purchasing Card, the Cardholder, School Administrator or Supervisor must return the appropriate Purchasing Card to the Plan Administrator.
      2. Reasons for cancellation:
        1. Cardholder is no longer employed by the School Division.
        2. Cardholder goes on extended leave or leave without pay.
        3. Cardholder is requested to surrender the Purchasing Card due to violation of policies.
        4. Cardholder elects to discontinue participation in the program.

Palliser Purchase Card Manual

March 30, 2021