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Administrative Procedure 520: School Fund-Raising

Palliser School Division recognizes that schools may raise funds in addition to those allocated in their school budgets for special projects or items. Subject to certain conditions, it is acceptable to provide limited opportunities for commercial advertising on division buildings, grounds, school buses, webpages, and in other circumstances and locations as approved by the Superintendent of Schools.


  1. Controversial Issue: An issue of public importance that has a significant impact on society or its institutions and as to which there is a current public debate with substantial portions of the community taking opposing positions.
  2. Unacceptable Behaviour: Behaviours that are criminal, violent, pornographic, sexist, racist, prejudiced or obscene.
  3. Social Advertising: Specific, non-controversial advertisements that deliver a positive social message. Examples may include reading, Block Parents, physical fitness, recycling, non-profit municipal or provincial attractions and events, messages of anti-racism, anti-drugs, anti-smoking and anti-violence.


  1. Fund-raising activities that have a risk exposure of five thousand dollars ($5,000) or greater must be submitted to the Superintendent for approval.
  2. All other fund-raising activities that have a risk exposure of less than five thousand dollars ($5,000) may be approved by the principal subject to the following:
    1. Prior to approval being granted for any fund-raising activity, a written plan must be submitted to the principal. The plan must contain a budget of projected revenue and expenditures and a statement of intent projecting the expenditure of any residual funds.
    2. The principal may grant approval for fund-raising events. Lotteries and bingos may be conducted provided they are operated in accordance with the provincial gaming laws.
    3. All school fund-raising activities must be supervised by a member of the school staff and all monies collected be processed through the school accounts, in accordance with the School-Generated Funds Procedure Manual.
    4. A final statement of revenue and expenses, certified correct by the supervising staff member, must be submitted to the principal upon completion of the project.
  3. Advertising is considered a fund-raising activity. Commercial advertising represents products or services that are sold within our communities. Commercial advertising must follow these regulations:
    1. Advertisements must use methods that do not distort or exaggerate the characteristics or performance of the product or service advertised. Advertising may not distort or exaggerate the differences between competitive products or provide misleading information or perceptions about competitors’ products.
    2. Advertising must not demean or discriminate against any group. Advertising must be appropriate to and reflect the values of the school community and Palliser Regional Schools.
    3. Advertising which takes a position on controversial issues of public importance is acceptable.
    4. Advertising must not promote or glamorize unacceptable behaviour.
    5. All fundraising shall be tracked through KEV (School Cash).
    6. Social advertising is acceptable.
    7. Installations for purposes of advertising must meet applicable safety standards and guidelines as determined by Palliser Regional Schools and legislation or regulation.

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Updated: March 2017