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Administrative Procedure 543: Smoke/Substance-Free Environment

A smoke and substance-free environment is important for the health and welfare of students, employees and visitors to Palliser School Division. The use of smoking materials and tobacco/cannabis consumable products are strictly prohibited on all division premises, vehicles, and school-sponsored activities.  

Smoking materials, tobacco and cannabis substances include:

  • Smoking materials:  cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, cigarellos, vapes, hookah, shisha and cannabis.
  • Consumable products:  chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, dissolvable tobacco, cannabis edibles.
  • any other substances deemed inappropriate by supervisors/site managers.

The Superintendent or designate may grant an exception for the cultural use of tobacco at Indigenous ceremonies.


  1. All division buildings, vehicles and grounds are designated smoke/substance-free.
  2. The Principal shall ensure that all students, employees, parents, visitors and community user groups are made aware of the smoke/substance-free requirement.
  3. Supervisors/site managers shall inform their employees that the use of smoking materials, tobacco or substances are prohibited in or on division-owned property. 
  4. Appropriate signs illustrating the no smoking expectations shall be prominently displayed in all division buildings.
  5. Any student or employee that is in violation of these procedures will be dealt with in accordance with the disciplinary practices established within the division. Use of school facilities by user groups shall be subject to cancellation for contravention.
  6. Principals shall ensure that:
    1. Educational programs are implemented that present the hazards of using smoking materials, tobacco and substances; and
    2. Students do not possess or use smoking materials, tobacco, or substances in school buildings, on school property, or at any school-sponsored events such as trips, off-campus activities, work experience placements, or any other activity that is division-sponsored.  



Updated: May 2020