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Administrative Procedure 408: Working Alone


The Palliser School Division has established this Working Alone protocol in order to ensure that individuals working alone in our schools and properties can do so safely. Safe working environments are those where individuals are following proper protocols and procedures to ensure that they are safe when working alone. Current Occupational Health & Safety legislation requires employers to implement processes where those working alone can do so in a safe manner. 

The Associate Superintendent, Secretary-Treasurer, and the Occupational Health and Safety Supervisor are responsible for the administration of this administrative procedure.


“Working Alone” means to work alone in or at a worksite in circumstances where assistance is not readily available in the event of an injury, illness, or emergency. If you must work late or be in the school/facility early in the morning, on evenings, weekends, etc. you must adhere to this Administrative Procedure.


  1. All staff must sign in after 6 pm on scheduled working days. Weekends and school holidays require signing in at all times.
  2. All staff must vacate the building by 10 pm and not re-enter until 6 am.
  3. All staff working after 6 pm and on weekends and holidays must carry a communication device. Be it a cellphone or two-way radio with another person in the building.
  4. All staff working after hours must enter and exit the building through the designated staff entry.
  5. All Evening, Weekend, and Holiday work that is outside of your normal working schedule must be approved by your immediate supervisor. It is the responsibility of supervisors to ensure that plan is in place and that staff adheres to it. 
    • Custodian - Custodian Supervisor
    • Maintenance - Facilities Supervisor
    • Teacher - Principal
    • Principal - Superintendent or Designate
    • Central office - Department  Supervisor
  1.   This needs to be communicated through email and must include the date, time in/out, type of work being done, and contact numbers in case of an emergency. 
  2.   Staff members must communicate with the supervisor every 2 ½ hrs if they are there longer than 2 ½ hrs and when leaving. This can be done by text or phone. 
  3.   In the event that the check-in does not occur the supervisor should attempt to contact the employee. If the employee doesn't respond back within 10 minutes the supervisor must attend the facility to check on the employee in person.

High-Risk Work

Any work that is classified as “High Risk” should not be done outside of regular working hours. If High-Risk Work is to be done, then 2 people who are both trained in first aid and have communication devices must be present. (High Risk: Electrical work, Plumbing work, Ladder work, using the Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Welding Shop, Automotive Shop Commercial Kitchens, and Cosmetology Areas.) Any staff utilizing equipment that they do not normally use need to ensure that they have been properly trained on safety and proper usage by a qualified person and a record kept on file of that training.

Traveling Alone

Employees that must travel alone, to any location, for the school division business, must ensure that a cell phone is in the vehicle.

Employees traveling alone outside of normal working hours must have a check-in plan with either a family member or their supervisor. This applies to Bus Drivers who are driving for outside rentals as well.

Reference: Relevant Legislation and Guidelines

Part #28 of the OH&S Code