Success for Every Student

Supporting students, one student at a time

Palliser's Academic Wrap-Around team is a collaborative effort that works to support the classroom teacher to support one student. Here's a short video to show the process in action.

Success for Every Student

Palliser Regional Schools believes every student should be challenged and supported to achieve success at the highest level possible for the individual. 

For this to occur, it's best for a team approach centred on the student's abilities, learning style and the supports he/she may need to be successful.

That team consists of the student, parent(s)/guardian(s), classroom teacher and school administration. Through this partnership, we can ensure the student is enrolled in the most appropriate program.

At the high school level, this may see the student enrolled in Knowledge and Employability (K&E), -3, -2 or -1 (diploma level) courses, or a blend thereof.

As a team, we want to ensure the program path is challenging, appropriate to the individual and that it opens the doors to future opportunities.