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Calgary Islamic School AJ

Grades: K-12

2612-37 Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta T1Y 5L2
Phone: (403) 248-2773


Mr. Ramy Elhamalawy


Mrs. Hanan Haydar

Ms. Nesmh Elkestawi

Mr. Hassan Kandar


Calgary Islamic School was founded in 1992 as a full-time private school serving the Muslim community in the city of Calgary and beyond. Since it’s inception, CIS has consistently grown year after year and has gained a reputation of becoming a leading Muslim educational institute which aims to instill an Islamic morale and a genuine desire of learning in each of it’s students. 

Now with two campuses, CIS provides an Islamic learning environment with a commitment of using modern day teaching pedagogy to cultivate an advanced and comprehensive academic program; fully compliant with the Alberta curriculum of studies. We are a K to 12 school with a wide array of resources designed to foster student achievement that will prepare our pupils to pursue higher education and be competitive in their careers. It is our aim to empower our students by cultivating their interests and honing their academic skills as strong Canadian-Muslim citizens in Canada.CIS is proud to offer:

  ✔ An accredited program of studies fully compliant with the Alberta curriculum

✔ A great Islamic environment for growing and learning

✔ Fostering student achievement that exceeds ministry provincial standards of excellence in a variety of subject areas

✔ Islamic Studies, Quran, and Tahfeez programs

✔ Arabic department offering Arabic as a Foreign Language program

✔ Physical Education programs including competitive after-school sports teams through the Alberta Schools’ Athletic         Association

✔ and much more…

We encourage all community members to discover the possibilities at the Calgary Islamic School!


Calgary Islamic School strives to develop an enriched learning community that promotes academic achievement, leadership, and Islamic values.



We believe that God is One in being without partner, Unique without peer, Ultimate without opposite, Alone without equal. He is One, Pre-Eternal, Beginninglessly uncreated; Everlastingly abiding, Unceasingly existent, Eternally limitless; the Ever Self-Subsisting through whom all else subsists, Ever-Enduring without end. He is, was and ever will be possessed of all attributes of Majesty, Unannihilated by dissolution or separation through the passage of eons or terminus of interims. He is the First and Last, the Outward and Inward, and He has knowledge of everything [Quran 57:3].

He is not a body with a form, or a limitary quantitative substance. He does not resemble bodies in quantifiability or divisibility, or in being a substance or qualified by substance, or being an accident or qualified by accidents.   He does not resemble anything that exists, nor does anything that exist resemble Him. There is nothing whatsoever like unto Him [Quran 42:11].

We believe that God, Most High, sent Muhammad (God bless him and give him peace), to deliver His inspired message to the entire world. God has favoured him above all other Prophets and made him the highest of mankind.

We believe that acquiring knowledge is a foundational attribute of the human being and that every student has the capacity to learn and grow. We believe that teaching is an essential attribute of our Prophet Muhammad (God bless him and give him peace), and as such, our teachers follow in his footsteps, are cognizant of their professional role, religious responsibility and spiritual significance to students, staff and the school.