Our Schools

Coalhurst Elementary School

Grades: Grade 1-6, Kindergarten & Early Learning Program

510, 51st Avenue (P.O. Box 980)
Coalhurst, Alberta T0L 0V0
Phone: 403-381-3330
Fax: 403-381-7632 email: coalhurstelementary.schools@pallisersd.ab.ca


Our principal is Mr. Chris McIntyre. Mr. McIntyre, or Mr. Mac as his students call him, has been principal of CES for four years. Prior to this he was principal of Coalhurst High School. He was also principal of Duchess School, Alcoma School, and Amisk School and has now served as a principal for 17 years. 

Mr. McIntyre believes in a highly student-focused learning environment - CES is THEIR school. 



Coalhurst Elementary School is a dynamic learning environment where educators go out of their way to develop programming that meets of the needs of individual students. In this student-focused environment students are able to thrive. 

We provide both universal supports for all children and targeted supports based on student needs. We do not fit the students to the programs - we fit the programs to the individual students. 


Educating our LYNX for the future. 


Coalhurst Elementary School is a child-focused team committed to educate, challenge, and encourage students to reach their potential.

At Coalhurst Elementary School we believe each student deserves an educational experience where they feel welcomed; they belong; they receive a quality education; and, where each student matters and contributes to the learning environment. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where all students are given the chance to experience life in a way that is meaningful to them and have equal opportunity to learn and grow.