"A Public Education" pays a visit to Brant Christian School

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Two teachers from Brant Christian School and their passion for outdoor education are featured on the new episode of “A Public Education.
The show, co-sponsored by Alberta Teachers’ Association Palliser Local 19, features host Devin Mulder, a pre-engineering and construction teacher at Catholic Central High School in Lethbridge.
At Brant Christian School, teachers Ken Kroeker and Erinne Wolfe share their experiences taking students to explore the fields and wetlands surrounding this small, rural school to teach history, social studies and science.
The show also feature Mulder’s recent cabinet making competition, University of Lethbridge student teacher Rebecca Rawlinson, Gilbert Paterson Middle School's virtual library and St. Patrick's Fine Arts School's Mindfulness project.
The show first aired on CTV2 Alberta at Saturday, April 30, and repeats daily throughout May on Shaw Lethbridge. Features can also been viewed at www.apubliceducation.ca.