Brant Christian School has new outdoor skating rink

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Students and staff of Brant Christian School are able to enjoy a great Canadian tradition: skating on an outdoor rink.

The rink, measuring 120 by 64 feet, is located just east of the school and was purchased by the society, which operates in support of the faith-based school.

Principal Kevin Bailey says the rink enjoyed community support as fire departments from Blackie and Vulcan held training there, providing water for the base. The remaining water came from the school’s well and other acreages which carted water to the school.

When school is not in session, the rink will be available for public use.

“We will plan some family skate times in the new year,” Bailey said.

He said teachers worked on building the rink during one of the school’s non-instructional Fridays.

Grade 1-2 teacher Laurel Blake held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday, Dec. 5 as parents, students and staff celebrated the rink’s opening.

“The whole point of the rink was to create more recreational opportunities for our students and to generate more school community opportunities,” said Bailey.