Coalhurst High School Teacher receives Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal

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A crowd of students at Coalhurst High School erupted in cheers as MLA Joseph Schow announced the name Mr. Saad.  Minister Schow was at the school to award Michael Saad the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal to the CHS teacher.  Michael is receiving this honour for the years of dedication he has made to the school.  Mr Saad’s social studies classes resonate with students in a way that extends beyond the classroom and even their time at the school  Anyone who has been his student will tell you about the impact he had on them.  

Minister Schow said the work Michael does with the school’s Remembrance Day assembly played a big part in wanting to give this distinction to Michael.  “We are at a place in society now where we are losing touch with what the call to service means and the horrors of war and the ultimate price of war, but also what they have done for a country like Canada and our rights and freedoms.  What we are trying to do at Coalhurst is build a legacy of citizenship among our students where we commemorate the past and understand the past, and move forward and learn from it so that they can be better citizens, not only of our community but our country and our planet”, says Michael.   

Michael was surprised and touched by the award.  His grandmother was fascinated by the queen and he grew up with her reverence for her, so the medal holds special meaning to him.  He was also quick to share this honour with the entire school, teaching, administration and support staff.  The staff all predicted he would say this.   

Minister Schow said he couldn’t think of a more deserving person to receive this honour.  Coalhurst High School and the Palliser School Division agree.  Congratulations on receiving the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal. 

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