GCA Educational Society serves notice of termination

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On Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013, the Glenmore Christian Academy (GCA) Educational Society served Palliser Regional Schools notice of termination of the master agreement that established GCA as a faith-based alternative program within Palliser. As a result, Glenmore Christian Academy Elementary and Intermediate programs will cease to be part of Palliser Regional Schools at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.

The society has told Palliser this decision reflects the founding church’s desire to reassert control over all school operations. This is a philosophical shift in vision for the school’s future that is not compatible with an ongoing partnership. We regret but respect the society’s decision.

We will work with Alberta Education and the provincial Alberta Teachers’ Association to determine the required process moving forward to dissolve the partnership with GCA. We do not have details today on what that process will be.

Our primary concern is the fate of our employees at GCA, nearly 40 teachers and seven support staff.

We know we will have staff who would prefer to remain in the public school system and as members of the ATA. This is expected to have ramifications on other school staffing as we make an effort to accommodate employees on permanent contracts.

There are about 670 students at Glenmore Christian Academy representing about nine per cent of our student full-time equivalent enrolment. There will be an impact on the division’s grants and operations next year although we don’t yet know the full extent.

GCA has been part of Palliser since 2008-2009. Over the past six years, the relationship has been mutually beneficial with students at GCA enjoying measurable benefits in terms of excellent student learning results and significant professional development and supports for teachers. We wish Glenmore Christian Academy and its families every success and we will work diligently to ensure this termination of our partnership occurs as respectfully as possible for the best interests of our staff and students.

Thank you,

Colleen Deitz, Board Chair
Kevin Gietz, Superintendent
Palliser Regional Schools