How you can be involved in your child's education

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Research tells us parent engagement in schools has a direct connection to improved student achievement. Parent involvement in school reinforces a message to students that school is important, translating into positive attitudes toward school and higher rates of graduation. Positive relationships between teachers and parents provide a great support to teachers and provide an infrastructure for success for the student.

So how can you be involved in your child's education and school this year?

The Alberta School Councils' Association offers this list of the many ways to engage this year. What ideas can you contribute to this list? 

  • Assisting my child with homework
  • Attending parent functions/events at the school
  • Attending a school council meeting to advise on school related issues
  • Attending school assemblies, shows or celebrations
  • Supervising on a field trip
  • Reading with students in the school
  • Planning activities that support what my child is studying at school
  • Helping to plan a school function with the school council or committee
  • Sharing my interests or expertise with a class in the school
  • Supervising a school dance
  • Providing refreshments for a party or function
  • Mentoring a student with similar interests to my own
  • Sending a thank you card to the school custodian
  • Leading an after school club
  • Having lunch at my child’s school
  • Volunteering at track and field events
  • Helping to build a playground
  • Emailing my child’s teacher to see how things are going
  • Meeting the principal and office staff
  • Volunteering at the school concession
  • Translating the school newsletter for parents who don’t speak English
  • Reading my child’s essay
  • Working on the school website
  • Attending a family dance
  • Reading one of my child’s textbooks
  • Having family meetings to discuss school
  • Meeting my child’s school friends
  • Carpooling kids in the neighbourhood to school
  • Baking TGIF cookies for the staff room
  • Being a crossing guard
  • Helping with the Parent Parking Patrol
  • Reading my child’s homework/communication journal
  • Meeting other parents in the school
  • Tutoring students
  • Bringing a family pet for a visit to the school
  • Mentoring an immigrant family in the school
  • Judging a science fair
  • Learning more about provincial education
  • Doing my own thing