Meet our Calgary Islamic School leadership team

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Akram Jomaa Campus serves about 900 students from kindergarten through Grade 12. The school is located at 2612 37 Avenue NE, Calgary. It is led by a principal and three vice-principals.

Omar Bin Al-Khattab campus serves about 400 students from kindergarten through Grade 9. The school is located at 225 28 Street SE, Calgary. This campus is led by a principal and one vice-principal. A supervisor will oversee both campuses.

Calgary Islamic School Omar Bin Al-Khattab campus

Raiha Idrees has spent the last 18 years working for non-profit organizations in the field of education, as a teacher, principal and senior education specialist on education policy. She trained other educators, government officials and community members on education matters, and has taught educators from Canada and around the world including Bangladesh, Albania, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Pakistan and Kenya.

Idrees completed her undergraduate degree from City University of New York with a dual program in

Elementary and Special Education. She earned a Master’s Degree from Columbia University,

Teacher’s College in Education Administration. She earned a second Master’s Degree from London

School of Economics and Political Science in Social Policy and Planning.

She is a recipient of the the British Council Chevening Scholarship and ran a consulting firm called Education Management and Development Consultants, which consulted for UNICEF, Save the Children fund and others.

“A school is the epicentre where government policies, community needs and educational needs amalgamate,” Idrees says.

Calgary Islamic School Akram Jomaa Campus

Ramy Elhamalawy began his teaching career in Hamilton, Ont., in 2007 after earning his Bachelor of Kinesiology from Brock University and his Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa.

Elhamalawy joined Calgary Islamic School as a teacher in 2012 and took on the role of vice-principal in 2014.

Ramy is passionate about youth work and finds mentoring students extremely rewarding.