Palliser Board of Trustees Reveals 2023 Holiday Card Art Contest Winner

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Holding a snow globe and watching the snowflakes gently settle evokes a sense of nostalgia and wistfulness. Inside these miniature worlds, we rediscover the joy and innocence of childhood, reliving the thrill and wonder of the season's first snowfall. This year, the Palliser School Division's 'Snow Globes' art theme brought forth an array of interpretations from our talented students, each piece a unique window into what this season signifies for them.

The range of submissions was striking, from the fantastical – imagine a dragon encased in a globe! – to the traditional. A standout piece featured a snowman audaciously breaking free from its glass sphere, adding a three-dimensional twist to the collection. The Board of Trustees was thoroughly impressed by the 70 submissions, each showcasing remarkable skill, technique, and creativity.

Selecting a winner from such a diverse and imaginative pool is always challenging. After much deliberation, the Board was captivated by a submission from County Central High School's Vida. Her artwork, showcasing two dancers from 'The Nutcracker' ballet, reflects her personal passion as a dancer and her love for this classic piece.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the students who shared their creative visions with us. Their artworks have allowed us all to reflect on the season's beauty and magic as seen through their interpretations of snow globes. Each globe, a small universe, mirrors the wonder of winter and the joyful spirit of youth.



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