Picture Butte High School Welcomes Chickens

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It was a momentous day for the Agriculture Education class at Picture Butte High School. The chickens have come home to roost, quite literally, but in this instance there or no negative connotations, just the fruits of many hours of hard work.  

The idea to house laying hens "hatched" about a year and a half ago when they decided to explore including actual animals in their farm-ed program.  Chickens were chosen because it was one of the simpler options.  But that does not mean there wasn't a lot of preparation and planning to bring in the birds.  Instructors took a hands-off approach, letting the students research, make decisions and course correct when needed to make for a richer learning experience.  It was frustrating at times for students to have to redo work they had already completed, but all that effort made the arrival of the chickens an even bigger victory! 

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And watch this video to hear about the process of bringing in the chickens. 

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