Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal Awarded to Superintendent Dave Driscoll

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Along with Coalhurst High School Teacher, Michael Saad, Superintendent Dave Driscoll is also a recipient of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal.  These medals were awarded to Albertans who have made a significant contribution to the Province.  MLA Joseph Schow presented Dave with the medal, noting that Dave’s position as superintendent is more than a job but his ‘life’s work’.  

Dave joined the Palliser School Division in October 2017.  At that time, he had over 30 years of experience in teaching and leadership.  He was selected to help rebuild a fractured work environment and a sense of community in an incredibly diverse and geographically large school Division.  Not long after joining, the pandemic hit, presenting another set of unprecedented challenges.  “Despite those challenges, Dave never lost sight of the primary objective of serving our students”, says Tom Hamer, Associate Superintendent of Learning Services. 

Speaking to any of Dave’s colleagues you will hear a similar message, that he is always focusing on students.  “Dave fosters an environment that focuses on student success, where students feel safe and supported in their pursuit of knowledge, as well as inspired. He is a leader admired for his integrity, and an exceptional role model and mentor”,  says Audrey Kluin, Associate Superintendent of Human Resources.  

“He never loses sight of the student, they are always at the forefront of his mind.  Even when he’s dealing with all the other things, like budgets and policy, he’s always looking for the best solution for our students”, says Curtis Uyesugi, Principal at Jennie Emery Elementary School. 

Congratulations Dave on this very well-deserved honour.