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Palliser Regional Schools is pleased to announce that Saxon Morgan has been appointed to the role of vice-principal to Master’s Academy, commencing August 26, 2020.

Saxon earned her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Calgary in 1990, with a major in Elementary Education and minors in Literacy and ESL.

Saxon began her career at Calgary Christian School teaching Grades 4, 5 and Music. She taught next at Fort McMurray Christian School as the Grade 6/7, 7/8, 4/5/6 teacher and as the principal for her last year there. For five years she facilitated homeschool families with several Boards in Alberta. Saxon taught part time at Trinity Christian School in Calgary as the Music Specialist. In the last five years she has been teaching at Master’s Academy, in Grade 4, and then in the role of the Learning Support Teacher.

Throughout her teaching career, Saxon has participated in various areas of educational interest. She studied at the Centre for Gifted Education in Calgary, whereby her Grade 5 classroom was part of a cohort of classrooms open for Alberta teachers to visit and observe methods of teaching gifted students. She was the president of the Christian Educators Association (CEA) for three years, leading the prairie province’s private Christian schools in developing HR procedures, professional development standards and directly mediated disputes between teacher members and school board issues. She was part of the author’s group that published a Christian education unit “Peace Making Begins With You” for the CEA. Saxon was on the Alternative Schooling Task Force, with Trinity Christian School, to prepare two in-depth research documents to help private schools determine the comparative value of maintaining private status or considering alternative status within Alberta Education.

“Education is about maximizing your talents and natural abilities while continually developing your weaker abilities.” states Morgan. “It is the same for all of us, young or old. Our whole lives we learn about ourselves and others; what works; what doesn’t work so well; and how we are going to move forward, with some new success, from our particular learning circumstances.”

“Teaching has been a joyful experience throughout my life and this has continued at Master’s Academy & College. Their inspirational community has had a direct influence on my teaching development. I am honored to continue to work alongside my innovative colleagues in this new role.”

Saxon has been married to her husband, Chris, for 30 years and their son and daughter are now in university. Saxon enjoys boating on the lake, hiking in the mountains, playing the violin, quilting and cooking.

Congratulations Saxon!