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Administrative Procedure 152: Media Relations

The Superintendent has been delegated the responsibility to ensure positive external and internal communications are developed and maintained. The news media is an important vehicle through which the division keeps its communities accurately informed and increases public awareness of education. Notwithstanding this, the division has an obligation to protect its students and staff from unwelcome intrusions into the operation of its schools.

The news media are welcome to attend regular meetings of the Board and to report items of business to the general public.

  1. Suitable accommodation for the news media shall be provided at all regular Board meetings.
  2. The Superintendent will make available the “Board Highlights” to local media outlets.
  3. The Superintendent shall approve all information released to the media from Central Office.
    Note: Information releases that accurately communicate the Board’s business to the public may only be issued by persons authorized by the Board as per Policy 3 – Role of the Trustee, Board Chair
  4. The principal shall approve all information released to the media from schools.
  5. Representatives of the media may be permitted into the schools for legitimate reporting and promotional purposes. Media coverage of school events, fundraisers and regular activities can be approved by the principal. The principal should consult and seek approval from the Superintendent or designate for any media requests regarding potentially controversial subject matter. All such requests shall be directed to the Superintendent or designate who, in turn, will consult with the principal.
  6. Media representatives shall not be allowed to disrupt the normal operation of a school or a class for the sole purpose of information gathering. This includes the interviewing of division employees and/or students during regular class times.
  7. Media representatives may be asked by the principal or Central Office staff to leave the premises or grounds where it is deemed to be in the best interests of the students and staff to do so.
  8. In the event of emergency or crisis interactions, the Superintendent or designate shall determine what information shall be given to the media and by whom.

Education Act
Cross Reference: Policy 3 – Role of the Trustee, Board Chair
Administrative Procedure 131 – Emergency Measures