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Administrative Procedure 271: Learning Resources Challenges

The division recognizes that, in some instances, a parent, resident, or employee of a school jurisdiction may have concerns about a particular learning resource that may or may not be available to a student. This person may appeal, at any time, directly to the school or finally appeal, in writing, to the Superintendent concerning the particular resource.

  1. The following procedures for dealing with challenged materials may be used at the discretion of the school.
    1. The complainant shall share his concerns in writing. The complainant shall sign the document and file it with the principal.
    2. The principal may decide if the material is inappropriate and may withdraw it from general circulation.
  2. If the principal feels the material should not be withdrawn, they should explain to the complainant:
    1. The instructional materials selection procedure;
    2. The selection criteria;
    3. The qualifications of those persons selecting and/or recommending the material;
    4. The intended place and usefulness that the challenged material occupies in the education program; and
    5. Any pertinent additional information regarding the use of the material such as evaluations in standard selection tools and reviews in professional periodicals.
  3. If the complainant is still dissatisfied, the principal shall advise that the decision may be appealed, in writing, to the Superintendent.
  4. Certain materials may be considered unsuitable only for certain age groups/grade levels. In such cases, materials shall be shelved separately from the main collection and be accessed only through a teacher.

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