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Administrative Procedure 272: Christian Alternative Programs

Alberta Education supports the belief that parents are their child(ren)’s first educators and, therefore, have the right to choose the program which they feel is best suited for her/him.  In turn, Palliser School Division affirms parental choice where Christian alternative programs are concerned and, therefore, will entertain requests for “alternative program status” from legally recognized societies that operate Christian schools.

  1. The Superintendent will receive requests for alternative program status from Christian school societies on behalf of the Board of Trustees.  The Board will make the final decision as to whether alternative program status will be granted.
  2. Upon receipt of the request, if the request is from outside the boundaries of Palliser, the Superintendent will ask whether a similar request has been made to the jurisdiction wherein the school is situated.  The Superintendent will proceed if the Christian school has been denied consideration by its resident school division or if the resident school division has a policy that excludes faith-based alternative programs.   If the request is from within the geographical area of Palliser Regional Schools, the Superintendent will proceed without delay.
  3. Consideration will take into account the following:
    1. The philosophy of the Christian school will be compatible with Palliser Regional Schools and will be ecumenical in nature, rather than solely representing one Christian denomination.
    2. The operation of an alternative Christian program will not result in subsidization from Palliser’s operational budget but, rather, will be self-sustaining.
    3. The policies and procedures of Palliser Regional Schools will be acceptable to the Christian school.
    4. A formal legal contract is agreed upon by both parties.
    5. Alberta Education is able to be notified of alternative program status in a timely fashion.
  4. Representatives from the Christian school’s society and administration, as well as Palliser’s Board and senior administration, will be involved, where appropriate, in discussion of the above considerations in advance of the final decision being made by the Board.  Stakeholder groups such as the Administrators’ Association, professional and support staff and the school council will also be informed of the discussions before a final decision is made.
  5. The formal decision as to alternative program status will be made at a public Board meeting.