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Administrative Procedure 301: Attendance of Non-Alberta Students

The attendance of non-Alberta students in division schools is a means of fostering national and international goodwill and providing valuable learning experiences for participants, guests and hosts. A tuition fee will be charged in respect of an individual who attends a division school and is not a resident student of an Alberta school jurisdiction or part of a reciprocal student exchange program. The principal is responsible for authorizing the admittance of non-Alberta students and for ensuring all the requirements of this administrative procedure are met.

  1. Foreign student refers to a student whose parents are citizens of and reside in another country. A foreign student is not eligible for provincial funding.
  2. Visiting student is defined as a foreign student who is studying in Alberta under an arrangement made by a private organization. A visiting student is also not eligible for provincial funding.
  3. Exchange student refers to a student on a reciprocal exchange program, i.e., an Alberta student exchanges places with a student from another country. A student on a reciprocal exchange program is eligible for provincial funding.
  4. Non-resident student as defined by the Alberta Education School Funding Manual is an individual:
    1. From a foreign country who is attending school in Canada under a student authorization issued by the Government of Canada and whose parent(s) reside in a foreign country (and are not Canadian citizens);
    2. From another province who travels into Alberta on a daily basis to attend school in Alberta;
    3. Who attends a school in Alberta and whose parent(s) reside in another province; or
    4. Who attends a school in Alberta on a non-reciprocal exchange program.
  1. It is expected that all students identified above applying for admission to division schools shall have a working knowledge and understanding of the English language.
  2. While attending division schools, all students identified above shall adhere to the division and school policies/regulations.
  3. Exchange students will be admitted on a non-tuition basis as outlined in Alberta Education Bulletin 3.4.1.
  4. In those cases where a foreign, visiting, or non-resident student applies, in writing, to attend a division school, the application shall be accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee of one hundred dollars ($100). The tuition fee will be calculated in accordance with the formula outlined in Appendix 301A. Fees shall be payable thirty (30) days prior to registration for each year/semester (high school).
  5. Approval for all foreign, visiting, and non-resident Canadian students attending division schools shall be at the discretion of the receiving principal in consultation with the school staff and school council. Factors such as the availability of space, staffing, the amount of preplanning, supervision and security measures, financing, the criteria for selection, length of stay, and the number of students involved will be taken into consideration when approving student attendance at division schools.
  6. The principal shall advise all student applicants of their acceptance or non-acceptance in writing.
  7. Principals will report to the Associate Superintendent (Business Affairs) all exchange and non-resident students registered in their schools.
  8. The Associate Superintendent (Business Affairs) shall ensure that appropriate documentation is maintained, including a current certificate of good health from a certified Canadian physician prior to admission.
  9. Every school offering an exchange or study program for foreign and/or non-resident students will develop criteria to ensure equitable treatment of students involved in the program.
  10. Suitable accommodation should be assured for foreign students prior to accepting such students.

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