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Administrative Procedure 305: School Attendance Areas and Student Transportation

In order to assist in the efficient operation of the division and the optimal utilization of school facilities, school attendance boundaries may be established.

  1. Transportation will be provided to all resident students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 inclusive, in accordance to Policy 12 - Student Transportation.
  2. The Division shall operate a Student Transportation Services department under the direction of the Transportation Services Supervisor.
  3. Where school attendance boundaries have been established, a student shall be required to attend the school designated for that area.
  4. Changes to school attendance boundaries will come into effect prior to September 30 in any given year.
  5. In individual cases where it appears to be in the interests of the student or the school or both, the Superintendent may approve a student's transfer to another school.
  6. Transportation will be provided or arranged for where the Superintendent or designate directs a student to attend a particular program or school within its jurisdiction, in accordance with Sections 51 and 52 of the School Act.
  7. When a student is admitted into a division school outside of his/her designated attendance area, bus transportation will be provided in accordance with Policy 12- section 2.

Education Act

School Transportation Regulation

Traffic Safety Act