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Administrative Procedure 404: Staff Recognition

Palliser School Division values the years of service and dedication that employees and Board Members provide to both students and the division.  In appreciation of this dedicated service, the division will recognize staff members and Trustees who are retiring or have provided long service.

  1. Years of service will be recognized beginning at 5 years of service, continuing in five-year increments.
  2. Employees:
    1. Years of service shall be determined by using the original date of hire of the employees' current contract, regardless of their full-time equivalency with Palliser School Division and legacy divisions. Employees must work at least five (5) months of a school term (September 1 to August 31) in order to get credit for one year. Substitute days/hours will not be included.
    2. Employees who have left the employ of the School Division and returned will have their previous years of service credited for the purpose of the Years of Service Award.
    3. All approved leaves of absence, paid or unpaid, (with the exception of Personal Leaves of Absence) shall be included for the purpose of the years of service award. Employees who are on a leave of absence will be recognized for their service upon their return to work.
    4. The criteria for the years of service award is used for the determination of this award only and has no correlation to any other dates including: retirement, seniority, pension, vacation accrual or increments.
    5. An employee's years of service will be calculated to the end of the current school year and a list of eligible recipients will be compiled by Central Office.
    6. Employees with 5 and 10 years of service will be honored at their respective schools in September. Employees with 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service will be honored at the annual Palliser School Division Opening Day Celebration.
    7. Calculation of years of service pursuant to this revised AP will be effective commencing the 2017/18 school year (August 27, 2017). There will be no recalculation of prior years of service based on the new calculation parameters.
    8. The Board of Trustees may participate in school/site staff retirement celebrations. Principals/designates are encouraged to inform the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent regarding staff retirement celebrations so Trustees and Central Office personnel can attend when possible.
    9. Ongoing recognition for achievements will be encouraged at the school level.
    10. School principals/supervisors are encouraged to inform the Superintendent of outstanding achievements by staff to allow him/her the opportunity to provide appropriate recognition.
  3. Board Members:
    1. Years of service for Board Members shall include any time served on the Palliser School Division Board of Education and its' legacy divisions.
    2. In the event that a Board Member was also an employee of Palliser School Division, these years will be included in the total years of service. Years of service will be calculated using the same process as outlined above.

Education Act

Revised June 1, 2018