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Administrative Procedure 405: Staff Participation in Community/Political Activities

Employees have the democratic right to render public service and/or take an active part in community activities subject to the following procedures.

  1. The employee must maintain a level of job performance acceptable to his/her immediate supervisor and consistent with contractual obligations and employer expectations.
  2. The employee must guard against becoming involved in activities which are interpreted as a conflict of interest. It is the responsibility of the employee to disclose any potential conflict to the Superintendent or designate.
  3. The cost of the substitute, if required, shall be the responsibility of the employee or some other agency.
  4. The employee considering public office or membership on government boards/agencies shall discuss any job-related implications with the Superintendent or designate prior to making the decision.
  5. A leave of absence without pay may be granted to an employee seeking elected office.
  6. A full-time leave of absence without pay and employer contributions to benefit premiums for the duration of the current government (up to five (5) years) will be granted to employees elected to federal Parliament or the Provincial Legislature. Such leave will be subject to the receipt of a resignation from designation of any supervisory or administrative appointment.
  7. A leave of absence will not be granted to an employee for a second term of office.
  8. A leave of absence without pay may be granted to employees elected to public office in local government in order for them to carry out responsibilities of their elected office. In cases where attendance at meetings or other duties associated with political office require a significant number of absences on a regular basis, resignation from an administrative designation may be requested by the Superintendent.
  9. Thirty (30) days notice will be required from employees requesting a return to regular duties, and the employee will be offered the first suitable available opening, and until such a position becomes available, the employee shall remain on leave without pay or Board contribution to benefit premiums.
  10. Employees on leave for political reasons shall not accrue years of service.
  11. Employees on leave for political reasons will not be protected from the application of any staff reduction or program changes made within the division while they are on leave.

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