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Administrative Procedure 420: Role of the Principal

The Education Act requires the division to assign a principal to each school; therefore, the Superintendent deems it advisable to establish guidelines that outline the reporting relationship, and duties/performance responsibilities for this important leadership position. Effective March 2004, designation as a system principal is for an initial probationary year. Following that term, subject to a successful evaluation, extensions of the designation for an additional four (4) year period, followed by up to three 3-year periods, will be permitted. Upon completion of this time period, the designation will be reviewed.

  1. Reporting Relationship
    The principal:
    1. Reports and is accountable to the Superintendent for the overall performance of his/her duties; however, effective service delivery in Palliser Regional Schools requires the principal to liaise with other members of the superintendency team;
    2. Works collaboratively with students, parents, community members, school-based staff, the school council, fellow administrators and Central Office administrators; and
    3. Supervises and evaluates all staff in the school.
  2. Primary Functions
    1. The principal is responsible for performing the following duties stated in the School Act (Section 20):
      1. Provide instructional leadership in the school;
      2. Ensure that the instruction provided by the teachers employed in the school is consistent with the courses of study and education programs prescribed, approved or authorized pursuant to the School Act;
      3. Evaluate or provide for the evaluation of programs offered in the school;
      4. Ensure that students in the school have the opportunity to meet the standards of education set by the Minister;
      5. Direct the management of the school;
      6. Maintain order and discipline in the school and on the school grounds during activities sponsored or approved by the Board;
      7. Promote cooperation between the school and the community it serves;
      8. Supervise the evaluation and advancement of students;
      9. Evaluate the teachers employed in the school; and
      10. Carry out those duties that are assigned to the principal by the Board in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the school council and the Board.
    2. The principal is responsible for administering the school in accordance with the policies of the Board and the administrative procedures of the division.
    3. Performance Responsibilities
      The principal’s performance reflects the components of Appendix 420A – Criteria for Effective Leadership.

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