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Administrative Procedure 441: Casual Support Staff

In order to provide a continuous, well-directed educational program for students, the division approves the hiring of the best-available casual support staff in the absence of the contracted support staff member. The following procedures govern their employment and conduct.

  1. The deployment of casual support staff within a particular school is the responsibility of the school principal.
  2. Casual support staff shall be paid in accordance with the prevailing schedule as laid out in the Human Resources Handbook.
  3. The Human Resources department will hire, create and maintain a list of approved casual support staff. This list will be updated continually. Schools may only contact casual support staff who appear on the approved list. All potential casual support staff will apply to be added to the approved list through the Career Opportunities page on the Palliser Regional Schools web site and will be interviewed by Human Resources personnel prior to being added to the list.
  4. Casual support staff are expected to fit into the organization of the school when they arrive and to continue the work and activities which they find in progress at the direction of the principal and classroom teacher (where applicable).
  5. Employees engaged as casual support staff must conform as closely as possible to the established routine and culture of the school and perform extra duties normally expected of the absent Support Staff member.
  6. Casual support staff are expected to adhere to the same standards of conduct as contracted support staff personnel as outline in the Human Resources Handbook.
  7. Casual support staff are responsible for ensuring that their contact information and availability is updated by contacting the Human Resources department when this information changes.
  8. The process for contacting casual support staff will be at the discretion of the school principal; however, only casual support staff on the approved list distributed by Central Office will be contacted.
  9. The principal (or their designate) will be notified by the absent support staff member prior to school start when a casual support staff employee will be attending at their school.
  10. Files on all casual support staff will be maintained by the Human Resources department at Central Office. Casual support staff are required to file copies of credentials in the same manner as contracted support staff employed by Palliser Regional Schools. This includes, but is not limited to, a Criminal Record Check, a record of prior relevant work experience and education, a signed Staff Access to Networked Information Services form, and a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

Human Resources Handbook 2015 - Updated October 2018