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Administrative Procedure 466: Job Descriptions: Non-Certificated Staff

Each school-based administrator shall provide direction to and evaluate all non-certificated staff assigned to the site.

  1. Non-certificated staff includes all employees not required to possess a valid Alberta teaching certificate to perform their duties.
  2. The evaluation cycle is to include once during the probationary period and at least once every 3 years thereafter.
  1. Job descriptions will be updated annually by supervisors, in consultation with non-certificated staff.
  2. Job descriptions shall include the following:
    a) Position title;
    b) A description of duties and expectations;
    c) A clear indication of reporting structure, i.e., the title of the employee’s direct supervisor;
    d) Professional development expectations; and
    e) Evaluation criteria, including evaluation cycle, length of the probationary period, individuals to be involved in the evaluation process,  distribution of evaluation documents, and work site/location.

Education Act
Human Resources Handbook 2015 - Updated October 2018