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Administrative Procedure 502: School Fees

Bill 1; the School Fees and Costs Regulation; and the School Transportation Regulation were proclaimed on June 6, 2017.  The Division will establish fees in accordance with the Act.

  1. Fees for technology will be set at the Division level as part of the budget process. Technology fees will be collected at the school level and submitted to Central Office upon receipt.
  2. After consultation with parents, Alternative Program fees are set by the individual Society and forwarded to the division for ratification by the board as part of the budget process.
  3. Fees for other supplies to be charged at the school level will be set in consultation with the school council as part of the annual budget development process.
  4. After consultation with parents, schools are authorized to establish school-level fees for a course, activity, project or item on a cost-recovery basis only. The schedule of proposed fees with the description of what the fees will be spent on shall be submitted to the Superintendent by May 1 prior to the next school year. Approval or non-approval will be part of the regular budget cycle.
  5. Schools will collect school fees at the school level and submit these fees to Central Office upon receipt. The school fees will become part of their school board reviews.
  6. The revenues generated from one course should not be used to offset expenditures of another course. Fees generated for a course must be spent on that course in the year in which the revenues are generated.
  7. Revenues generated from the resale of projects for CTS courses may be carried over from year to year.
  8. Students who register after the commencement of the school year or semester or who leave prior to the end of the school year or semester will be charged or refunded the fee on a prorated basis.
  9. In cases of extreme economic hardship, parents may not be able to pay the fees in September and have no reasonable expectation of being able to make payments during the year. In such cases, the School Administrator may make a request for a waiver of fees.  The “REQUEST TO WAIVE INDIVIDUAL COURSE/PROGRAM  MATERIALS, AND TECHNOLOGY FEES” form will be given to the parent, and when completed, forwarded to Central Office for final approval.
  10. In the event of a dispute between the parents and the Board with regards to the payment of fees, a third party mediator will be arranged.
  11. Each school will ensure that school staff and parents of students enrolled in that school are notified of the circumstances under which any fee or cost may be refunded.

Bill 1 - An Act to Reduce School Fees
Cross Reference:  Administrative Procedure 500 – Annual Budget Development Process


Updated: September 2017