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Administrative Procedure 501: Budget Implementation

The implementation of the division and school budgets is an administrative responsibility as outlined in the following procedures.

  1. The division budget shall be implemented in accordance with division administrative procedures.
  2. Division-level Directors, department supervisors, and school-level principals are responsible to the Superintendent for the implementation of their approved decentralized mini-budgets.
  3. The Secretary-Treasurer shall maintain a financial monitoring system and generate required financial reports to keep the Board and division administrators informed about the status of the division and decentralized mini-budgets.
  4. The Superintendent will provide, at a minimum, quarterly reports to the Board concerning the status of the division’s revenues and expenditures.
  5. The Secretary-Treasurer shall ensure acceptable accounting and auditing procedures are utilized for both division and school-based accounts.
  6. The Superintendent will review and make recommended adjustments to the budget according to the actual September 30 enrolment, following development by the Secretary-Treasurer.
  7. Annual site budget surpluses/deficits will be carried forward to the subsequent year.
  8. The Secretary-Treasurer will provide monthly reports to the province concerning the status of the decisions revenues and expenditures.

Education Act
Cross Reference: Policy 1 – Role of the Board
Policy 2 – Role of the SuperintendentEducation Act
Administrative Procedure 500 – Annual Budget Development Process

Updated: March 2017