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Administrative Procedure 512: Petty Cash

It is recognized that schools will incur minor miscellaneous expenses from time to time and processing of these expenses by the division is neither practical nor efficient. Therefore, the establishment of a petty cash fund for schools will be approved by the Secretary-Treasurer subject to the following procedures.

  1. Funding Provisions
    Purchase cards are to be used for all incidental purchases. In the event of exceptional circumstances, petty cash may be used as a “float” to support counter transactions. (ie. change provided for fee payments, floats for dance and athletic game nights or tournaments).
  2. Security
    It is the responsibility of each principal to provide adequate security for all petty cash funds received in accordance with the security provisions outlined in Administrative Procedure 511 – Cash in School Buildings.
  3. Exclusions
    School petty cash funds cannot be accessed for the purchase of any type of equipment (by definition, a unit value in excess of one hundred dollars ($100)). Exclusions within the school budget policies and procedures represent exclusions applicable to this procedure also.

Education Act
Cross Reference: Administrative Procedure 511 – Cash in School Buildings

Updated: March 2017