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Administrative Procedure 551: Student Discipline on School Buses: Regular Route

The following responsibilities apply with regard to student discipline on school buses (regular routes) operated in Palliser School Division. The Transportation Department shall prepare a card outlining the responsibilities and have them distributed by the bus drivers to parents and students at the beginning of each school year.

  1. Bus Driver Responsibility
    1. The driver is in full charge of the bus and his/her directions must be obeyed.
    2. The driver shall maintain as closely as possible a time schedule for pick-ups, drop-offs and arrivals at school.
    3. In the event of student misconduct on the bus, the driver shall inform the parent of the misconduct, to be followed with a written report to the principal of the school concerned.
    4. The driver has the responsibility in the morning to suspend the operation of his/her route due to inclement weather and will notify the Transportation Supervisor and all families on the route. The Transportation Supervisor will then notify all schools affected by the suspension of operation. Bus routes suspended in the morning will remain suspended for the entire day. Students who are driven to school by parents must also be picked up by parents.
  2. Principal Responsibility
    1. The principal will discuss annually with bus drivers issues related to children being transported on a need-to-know basis.
    2. Pursuant to Education Act, the principal of the school which the pupil attends may invoke his/her authority to suspend bus privileges, if necessary, in order to maintain proper conduct on the school bus.
  3. Parent Responsibility
    Parents will:
    1. Ensure children are at the bus pick-up point five (5) minutes before the bus arrives;
    2. Provide the necessary protection for children when going to and from the bus stop;
    3. Accept responsibility for the proper conduct of their children prior to boarding a bus and after discharge;
    4. Make certain that children are properly dressed in case of emergency during cold or wet weather;
    5. Accept responsibility for any damage to a bus by children;
    6. Encourage children to obey all traffic rules and school bus regulations;
    7. Ensure that items restricted for safety reasons are not transported on the bus. Items such as skis, hockey sticks, skateboards and some band equipment are restricted. These items will only be transported if they are fully encased in a carry bag and can be stored under the seat without impeding traffic in the aisle;
    8. Provide the driver with written direction if the child is to be de-bused at a location other than where he/she usually gets off the bus. In such cases, the driver will not proceed until it is determined the child has safely entered the residence. The Palliser Regional Schools request form is required to be completed prior to the event;
    9. Make a reasonable effort to understand and cooperate with those responsible for pupil transportation; and
    10. Notify the bus driver if a morning or afternoon pick-up is not to be made so the driver is not looking for the student(s).
  4. Student Responsibility
    1. Students are expected to be at the road at their designated stop prior to the arrival of the bus.
    2. Students shall stay off the traveled roadway at all times while waiting for the bus.
    3. Upon discharging, students living on the opposite side of the road shall cross only in front of the bus and at least fifteen (15) feet ahead. Crossing shall be made when safe to do so and under the guidance of the driver.
    4. Students shall be seated promptly in their regular seats.
    5. Noise on the bus shall be kept to a minimum. Students may talk quietly to the person beside them. Loud noises, shouting, etc., are dangerously distracting to the driver.
    6. The driver shall be informed when an absence from school is expected.

Bus Rules

  1. The bus driver is in charge at all times. You must listen and follow instructions.
  2. Students must remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.
  3. Students must not extend any part of their body out of windows.
  4. Aisles must be kept clear.
  5. The use of foul language or tobacco products is prohibited on the bus.
  6. Alcohol, drugs and combustible materials are strictly prohibited.
  7. Littering is not permitted on the bus.

Students violating these rules may be reported to the school principal and may be suspended from riding the bus until assurance is received from parents/guardians and the student that these rules will be observed.

Education Act