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Administrative Procedure 554: Volunteer Drivers

Various types of transportation arrangements can maximize the delivery of programs within the limited resources available to schools. Therefore, the division supports the concept of volunteer drivers and vehicles in providing co-curricular/extracurricular transportation, provided that such arrangements conform to the laws and regulations of the province and are in accordance with the following.

  1. Volunteer Owned and Operated Vehicles
    1. The volunteer driver must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age
    2. The volunteer driver must be the owner and operator of the motor vehicle and be in possession of a valid Class 5 Alberta driver’s license.
    3.  The volunteer driver must notify his/her insurance company of his/her intention to use the automobile and act as a volunteer driver for the Palliser School Division activity. A minimum of two million dollars ($2,000,000) public liability and property damage insurance coverage must be in force on the automobile before the vehicle can be used to transport students. Proof of insurance must be provided to the school.
    4.  The volunteer driver shall complete the Volunteer Automobile Driver Authorization Form available from the school and provide a current driver’s abstract and criminal record check, including a vulnerable sector check. No further renewals are required unless the volunteer is aware of a change, in which case the volunteer driver has the obligation to inform the school principal.
    5. Teachers/staff driving their personal vehicles to transport students to school activities must sign a Volunteer Automobile Driver Authorization Form, which includes a declaration about proper licensing and insurance. They must also submit a current driver’s abstract. The principal shall be the approving authority for this type of transportation arrangement. Students are not permitted to transport other students or to act as “trip drivers.”
  2. Other Types of Transportation Arrangements
    1.  A rental company-owned vehicle operated by a volunteer. The requirements are the same as specified above and include:
      1. License requirements. Conditions may be established by the rental company.
      2. Arrangements must be made through the principal or designate.

Education Act
AP 470 Classroom Volunteers, and Volunteer Supervisors and Coaches 


Volunteer Automobile Driver Authorization 

Volunteer Driver Parent Consent Form

Declaration of Confidentiality