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Administrative Procedure 555: Bus Transportation During Inclement Weather

  1. Parents and school bus operators shall be advised through a September school bulletin of the school bus procedures and the guidelines surrounding the possible suspension of school bus service. The same information will be published through other appropriate communication channels. A “Billet Form” will be part of the information package, which is to be completed by parents and returned to the school indicating where the bus student will be accommodated in town if buses cannot operate at the end of the day.
  2. Area advisors shall be appointed in each busing region to assist the Transportation Services Supervisor or designate in formulating a recommendation regarding suspension of school bus service due to inclement weather or road conditions.
  3. Area advisors, following consultation with other bus operators in their respective areas, shall communicate their recommendation to the Transportation Services Supervisor or designate.
  4. The Transportation Services Supervisor or designate, shall take into account the advice of the RCMP, Alberta Motor Association, weather office and area transportation advisors when making a recommendation to the Superintendent or designate regarding suspension of school bus service based on either weather or road conditions.
  5. The Superintendent or  designate shall make the decision regarding school bus suspension by 6:00 a.m. or the previous night if conditions make it obvious that service will be suspended the following day.
  6. The area advisor, upon suspension of school bus service as confirmed by the Transportation Services Supervisor or designate, shall implement telephone fan out notification of other school bus operators in that area.
  7. In situations of deteriorating weather conditions, the driver has the responsibility in the morning to suspend the operation of his/her route due to inclement weather, and will notify the Transportation Services Supervisor and all families on the route. The Transportation Services Supervisor will then notify all schools affected by the suspension of the school bus operation. Bus routes suspended in the morning will remain suspended for the entire day. Therefore, when a bus route is cancelled in the morning, bus students who are driven to schools by parents must be picked up by parents.
  8. Under Guidelines 3 and 6, the Transportation Services Supervisor or designate shall advise all radio stations of the Superintendent’s or designates decision so that it may be broadcast commencing at 6:00 am or in special circumstances the evening before.
  9. The Transportation Services Supervisor or designate shall be in the office to answer phones no later than 7:00 AM unless road conditions do not permit safe travel to the office. The Palliser website will be updated as required to further assist in the notification of parents and schools. The School Bus App will be updated with the latest information in regard to the anticipated pick up times along each route, noting possible delays.

Education Act
Cross Reference: Administrative Procedure 130 – Emergency School Closure