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Administrative Procedure 556: School Bus Replacement

It is important for the division to have a well-maintained, up-to-date fleet of school buses and, therefore, will consider the implementation of a ten (10) year replacement schedule for regular route service. 

  1. The Transportation Services Supervisor, in consultation with the Secretary-Treasurer, shall determine the depreciated value of the entire school bus fleet and consider the establishment of a capital reserve each year at least equal to the depreciated value of the fleet for that year. The revenue from any sale of surplus school buses or other transportation vehicles shall also be added to the capital reserve account and used for the replacement of school buses and Transportation Services Department vehicles.
  2. The Transportation Services Supervisor shall determine equipment specifications for replacement buses, and tenders shall be called from no less than three (3) suppliers which can best meet the needs of the Transportation Services Department.
  3. Notification of tenders of buses shall also be posted on the Division’s website in a timely fashion.
  4. The Division shall receive tenders at a location specified by the Secretary-Treasurer up to the time and date specified on the tender documents.
  5. After the closing time and date, the Secretary-Treasurer or designate and the Transportation Services Supervisor shall open the tenders in public at the time, date and location specified in the tender documents. Each bidder’s company name and total bid shall be read audibly.
  6. The successful bidder will not necessarily be the lowest one as specific equipment requests and the reliability of the service provider are also taken into account. 

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