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Administrative Procedure 558: Safety Testing of Bus Drivers for Continued Compliance with Bonafide Occupational Requirements Age 65 and Beyond

There is strong medical evidence to support the fact driver reaction time increases with age. Given that the safety of children riding on a bus rests in the ability of the bus driver to respond quickly and skillfully in hazardous circumstances, there is a need for an increased level of safety monitoring and confirmation of continuing capability to meet the bonafide requirements of the position when a bus driver reaches the age of 65.

  1. In the event a driver wishes to continue driving beyond age sixty-five (65), the driver must provide satisfactory medical evidence that the driver is medically fit to continue driving, meets the bonafide occupational requirements of the position, and must successfully complete a driver examination road test. In addition, the driver will provide to the Associate Superintendent (Education Services) and Transportation Services Department a copy of their renewed driver’s license on an annual basis.  The Superintendent may consider any other factors relevant to the individual circumstances in making the decision to approve or disallow the continuation of driving.
  2. Transportation Services has the right to perform additional road testing during the school year on any driver to ensure the continued safe operation of the school bus.  The driver will be informed of the additional testing at least one week in advance.  The “in-house” road examiner will perform the testing and report to the Transportation Services Supervisor his or her findings

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