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Administrative Procedure 545: Use of Division Owned Vehicles


The Division may provide the use of vehicles to employees who require a vehicle to carry out their duties due to any of the following:

  • Work assignment in various locations;
  • The necessity of having tools and/or equipment in their possession at all times; 
  • Attendance at conferences or meetings being held at other than assigned locations;
  • Responsibility for transporting employees and/or materials to various sites; or 
  • Unusual circumstances that are approved by the Superintendent.


    1. Supervisors responsible for Division owned vehicles shall ensure that the vehicles and/or parts reach their normal life expectancy by making certain they receive regular service and maintenance.
      1. A Supervisor may delegate this authority to the vehicle operator, although the Supervisor is still responsible.
    2. Supervisors are responsible to the Secretary-Treasurer or designate for the care and operation of any Division-owned vehicles.
    3. Division-owned vehicles are to be left at the location where the employee normally reports to work. Employees may take their vehicles home provided their Supervisor is notified and has approved the action.
    4. A Division owned vehicle shall not be used for personal use.
    5. Supervisors shall ensure that operators of division-owned vehicles and/or equipment are adequately trained in the safe operation of all required vehicles and/or equipment.
    6. Should an accident occur the employee will follow all safety precautions and contact their supervisor immediately.
    7. Employees are responsible to ensure vehicles are returned with full gas tanks and all personal belongings and garbage have been removed. 
    8. Employees must ensure that any mechanical issues, as well as any incidents, are reported to the Transportation Supervisor immediately. 


Education Act

Traffic Safety Act

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency

Income Tax Act (Canada)

March 30, 2021