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Administrative Procedure 546: Naming/Dedicating School Buildings, Spaces or Other Areas

The purpose of this procedure is to provide the framework and criteria for the naming of buildings, space(s) within a school building, or other facilities on school property. 

The Palliser School Division reserves unto itself the right and authority to approve the name of a school, spaces within a school building, or other areas on school property. 

Guidelines and Criteria: 

  1. In support of Palliser School Division’s commitment to equity and inclusive education, names for schools or spaces being considered will take into account and reflect the diversity of the communities within the Board’s jurisdiction in terms of gender, race, (dis)ability, ethnicity, etc. Schools and spaces will no longer be named for individuals, though the Board reserves the right to consider all name suggestions. 
  2. Schools should be named:
    1. For the districts in which they are located; or 
    2. For locations or events that show great Canadian historical significance;
    3. For the landmarks, geographic history, and natural world around the school.
    4. To provide meaningful learning opportunities and inspiration for students. 
    5. With community, district, provincial, Canadian or international significance
    6. By any other name that may be deemed appropriate by the Board of Trustees. 


  1. Naming the New Schools
    ​The naming of a new school or a change in the name of an existing school is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.
    To select a school name, the School Division will organize a School Naming Committee. This Committee may include local trustee(s), Palliser School Division administration, school community representatives, and other representatives as required. The School Naming Committee will determine how best to consult with the community for name submissions.  All name submissions will be reviewed by the committee using the Guidelines and Criteria listed above for school naming.
    The Committee will then make a recommendation for the school name to the Board of Trustees. In most cases, the Board will approve a name six to eight months in advance of the school opening.
  2. Naming Spaces in an Existing Building or School Sites
    Proposals or petitions to name a space within a building or other school facility may be made by faculty, staff, students, parents, or community members.
    Nominations will be submitted in writing to the Superintendent at least three (3) months in advance of the naming of the space or facility. Nominations are to be no more than one page in length and shall detail the rationale for the name suggestion.
    The Superintendent shall place the request on the Board agenda of a regular school board meeting for discussion and consideration. The administration shall provide for proper vetting of names to ensure the suggested names are aligned with the mission, vision, and standards of Palliser School Division. The Division will allow dedicated time for public comment on the recommendation. A majority vote by the Board of Trustees is required to approve the name. If the naming of the space is through financial contribution, an agreement outlining the obligations and circumstances of the naming opportunity will be in place.
    If the Board of Trustees approves a name, a formal ceremony may follow as soon as practicable coordinated by the Superintendent and may include the placement of a plaque.
  3. Renaming, Adding, Removing or Revoking Names
    Should  Palliser School Division deem it necessary to rename a facility, the following process will be followed. The person, or the family of the person who the school, space or area is named after, will be informed by the Board of Trustees, following consultation with legal counsel.
    A request to rename, add, remove or revoke a name from a school, space or area, award or activity shall conform to the following activities:
    1. When the asset is changed due to being sold, demolished, substantially renovated, rebuilt or designated for another use.
    2. When the actions or deeds of the individual or corporation it is named for are not in keeping with the mission, vision or standards of Palliser School Division.
    3. When there is a failure of the honoured person/corporation to fulfill agreed-upon obligations.
    4. When a named facility has reached the end of its useful life and will be replaced or substantially renovated, the replaced or renovated facility may be renamed in accordance with current naming criteria.
    5. Changes to names on schools, space(s) or areas must be approved by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to seek legal counsel.