Hutterite Colony Schools

About Palliser's Hutterite Colony Schools


Palliser Hutterite Colony Schools
#101, 3305 - 18 Ave. North Lethbridge, AB T1H 5S1
Phone: 403-328-4111
Fax: 403-380-6890
Principal: Rob vanSpronsen
Administrative Assistant: Michelle Barnett

Palliser has agreements in place to offer educational services to 17 Hutterite colonies within its jurisdictional boundaries. Schools are served by provincially certified teachers with varying years of experience, but a uniform sense of commitment to our children. 

The schools are directly supervised by the principal of Hutterite Colony Schools, and overseen by the Associate Superintendent – Education Services.

The student populations in our colony schools are generally very stable, and projections can usually be quite accurate. The greatest impact upon this is the practice of colonies to “split” when the population reaches a point where the elders deem it necessary.

The Brethren in the Palliser colonies are divided into the Dariusleut and the Lehrerleut sects.


  • Albion Ridge Colony School 
  • Allenby School (Wilson Colony)
  • Arrowwood Colony School
  • Chin Lake School (Lakeside Colony)
  • Gold Ridge School (Turin Colony)
  • Hofmann School  (New York Colony)
  • Keho Lake Colony School
  • Springridge School  (Carmangay Colony)
  • Shadow Ranch Colony School
  • White Lake Colony School


  • Brant Colony School                               
  • Mialta Colony School
  • New Dale Colony School
  • River Bend Colony School
  • Rock Lake Colony School
  • Sky Light Colony School
  • Wild Rose Colony School