2022/2023 Annual Education Results Report

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Palliser School Division has recently approved the Annual Education Results Report, aligning with Alberta’s Assurance Framework's goal of fostering public trust and ensuring the educational system meets student needs and fosters success. This framework prompts school authorities to develop comprehensive education plans that outline priorities, desired outcomes, metrics, and strategies for enhancement in crucial areas.

We take pride in our students' academic achievements and are encouraged by the increased engagement of parents within our Division. Our dedication to furthering this positive trend is evident as we bolster the Palliser ‘Council of Councils’ and explore new avenues for parent participation.

The Division would like to thank students and their parents and guardians for providing some of the valuable survey feedback used to create this report.  Your input will help guide the future direction of our Division.  

Please view the report here: 

2022/23 Annual Assurance Results Report

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