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Calgary Philharmonic visits school

Grade 1-6 student at Champion School were treated to a visit by violinist Jan Amsel of the Calgary Philharmonic Monday, with Baroque composer “Antonio Vivaldi” making a special appearance during the visit.

Champion Principal Greg Rollingson says the program, part of the National Arts Centre Music Alive Program, was an opportunity for students to learn about the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, instrument families and Vivaldi’s concerto “The Four Seasons.”

Amsel’s presentation including explaining how the Italian composer used music to describe nature. During Amsel’s final performance, all Champion students were treated to a visit by “Vivaldi.”

“Although Vivaldi was quite tired after time traveling over 300 years, he was nice enough to take the time to answer some questions,” Rollingson says, with a laugh.

The school will be participating in the music program for three consecutive years, with a different theme to be explored during each visit.

Amsel has been a member of the First Violin section of the Calgary Philharmonic since 1975. Her own violin has roots in Italy in 1779, not quite the era of Vivaldi, who died in 1741.

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