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The review panel of Dr. Terence Weninger and Dr. Kelly Williams-Whitt has released additional information about the organizational review of Palliser Regional Schools.

  1. Our objective is to gather and analyze information in a systematic and thorough way to identify any areas of concern relating to governance, culture, policies or practices at the Palliser School Division.
  2. The process is iterative with each step informing subsequent steps.
  3. We will keep the Board apprised of our progress, though findings and conclusions will not be provided until we have completed collecting and analyzing the information.
  4. As we progress, there will opportunities for input from a broad range of stakeholders including parents, faculty, staff, and other individuals with relevant information. 
  5. Although we will be contacting stakeholders directly to invite participation, you may also make submissions to the panel by sending them by email to Dr. Williams-Whitt or Dr. Weninger at

Biographies of the two panelists selected to conduct the review

Terms of Reference, Operational Review 2016

Timeline related to the operational review