All school trustees acclaimed in Palliser

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Palliser voters’ choice in school trustees was been made for them with the acclamation of the following six candidates:

Sharon Rutledge

Debbie Laturnus

Tony Montina

Michael Oliver

Lorelei Bexte

Louise Schmidt 

As part of Palliser School Division, trustees make vital decisions about how education is delivered in the community. School board decisions are acknowledged as affecting children’s education and the cultural, social and economic life of local communities.

As an elected member, a trustee is expected to balance the responsibilities and relationships inherent in their role by establishing the strategic plan and budget for Palliser as well as participate in decision-making processes and appeal processes.

Trustees also participate and communicate on committees of the Board or as Board representatives, and communicate the Board’s decisions to communities such as attending school council meetings.

An organizational meeting to officially affirm the nominated trustees is scheduled to be held Tuesday, October 26.