Angie Seaman Wins Marg Derbyshire Award

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Angie Seaman with Marg Derbyshire, Zone Secretary and Jon Dick, South Zone Athletics President

Congratulations to County Central High School teacher Angie Seaman for winning the Marg Derbyshire award at a recent zone awards ceremony!  Angie received the award in “recognition of outstanding service to the students of Alberta Schools in the promotion and operation of an athletic program, recognizing the contributions made by teacher coaches and administrators towards the lives of high school students through school athletics”. 

Angie says receiving the award is meaningful to her, “I am very honored.  This award is given to some of the biggest names in athletic director history.  To be put up beside them must mean I'm doing something right”.  Angie is in good company with her father, who also received the award. 

Angie coaches many of the CCHS teams but her core values of excellence, teamwork, and empathy apply to all the athletes she coaches, “they are expected to work their hardest for their team and for themselves.  And they know I will hold them accountable.  Just as I hold myself to those same standards”.  

Angie has coached for over 20 years for various programs and schools.  She is the Alberta Schools Athletic Association Girls Rugby Commissioner and has been the CCHS Athletic Director for 13 years.  She’s also held the position of South Zone President and South Zone Junior High President over the years and is a Rugby referee.  Congratulations again to Angie for receiving this honour!