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The Board of Trustees of Palliser Regional Schools is pleased to present their “Report to the Community: Annual Education Results Report 2013-2014 and Three-Year Education Plan for 2014-2017.”

This annual report represents the results achieved by Palliser in the 2013-2014 school year and offers a broad view of the initiatives and efforts that will maintain our strong results moving forward.

Key to building on our outstanding results is our focus on literacy and assessment for learning. Last year saw the first full division-wide rollout of benchmark assessments of reading for all students in Grades 1 through 6 and for select students in higher grades who were deemed as needing literacy support. Those assessments give our teachers information about what skills the student needs and what reading materials are appropriate to his/her reading level. This year, that work continues, along with literacy-focused professional development and coaching by Palliser's literacy coach.

The innovative Academic Wrap Around and Collaborative Practice teams, which bring a team of professionals together to work with the classroom teacher to support individual students academically or with focus or behaviour issues, have shown tremendous value and will continue in 2014-2015.

As always, considerable effort is made year after year to ensure students and staff learn and work in safe and caring environments, whether through our schools’ efforts to build respect and character or through facility improvements.

The report includes key financial information from our audited financial statements for 2013-2014 as well as updated budget information for 2014-2015 and class size reports.

Click here to download the full 38-page report in PDF format.

Click here for a two-page summary of highlights.

These reports can always be found in the Trustees section of our website called Planning and Reporting.