Calgary Christian Secondary encourages student volunteers

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900 students will take part in volunteer fair

Calgary Christian Secondary School will hold its second annual volunteer fair, InspirAct2015, Wednesday, playing host to students from several other schools as they explore volunteer opportunities.

About 900 students, including Grade 5-6 students from the Calgary Christian Elementary campus, from fellow Palliser schools of Heritage Christian Academy and Master’s College, as well as Rundle College and St. Gregory, will have an opportunity to discuss a wide range of community service opportunities.

“The purpose of InspirAct is to inspire students to be active in their community by connecting them and their families to service opportunities, and to instill in them a value for lifelong volunteerism,” said Charlene Foster, Career and Academic Counsellor serving Calgary Christian, Heritage Christian Academy and Master’s College.

This year, the event will include time for students in their peer advisory groups at Calgary Christian to reflect on the importance of service, said Jason Kupery, principal of the secondary school.

“This year, we have also presented staff and students with approximately 300 opportunities to go out and serve in the Calgary community,” he said. “We have staff and students working with organizations within the city, including Calgary Reads. Our middle/high school students have committed to walking to nearby Glenbrook Elementary School to read to/with their students.”

The fair not only fits with the school’s literacy focus, it also aligns with Calgary Christian Secondary’s emphasis on encouraging students to challenge themselves and stretch their comfort zones.

“Much like we are trying to create life-long learners at CCS, we are also attempting to create life-long ‘servants’ who are willing to be active in responding to the brokenness that exists in our world,” Kupery said. “InspirAct is a chance for students to see what is out there and hopefully identify where their passions for service lie.”