Congratulations to Bailey Clarkin, our 2024 Edwin Parr Nominee

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Palliser School Division is pleased to announce that Bailey Clarkin, a kindergarten teacher at Huntsville School, is our 2024 Edwin Parr nominee.  

Daniel Grimes, Principal of Huntsville School, acknowledges the profound challenges faced by first-year teachers, especially in the dynamic environment of a kindergarten classroom. He admires Bailey Clarkin, a first-year teacher, for her exceptional ability to manage and educate a classroom full of energetic kindergarten students, a task he himself finds daunting. Grimes observes, "Even during supervision, I find it challenging to maintain order in the way Bailey does. She is warm and energetic, but she has the poise and demeanour of a much more experienced teacher."

The kindergarten classroom at Huntsville School presents unique challenges. It is a space where students, many of whom speak Low German as their primary language, are introduced to English for the first time. The teacher's role extends beyond academic instruction to include instilling structure, routines, and the social skills necessary for effective participation and learning. Bailey has succeeded in this challenging environment by engaging her students and respecting their needs.

Shari Rogerson, the Early Learning Coordinator for Palliser, praises Bailey for her remarkable ability to keep students engaged through multimodal learning approaches. Rogerson is particularly impressed with Bailey's use of visual, kinesthetic, and sensory tools to reinforce lessons and acknowledges her innovative strategies in meeting the diverse needs of her students.

Melissa Easthope, the Learning Support Teacher specializing in English as an Additional Language (EAL) students, is astounded by the progress Bailey's students have made in their first year, particularly in early literacy. Many students in the class are already emerging readers.  Easthope emphasizes, "It will be exciting to see how the foundation for early literacy Bailey has provided will carry these students through the next years of learning in our school.”  

Principal Grimes emphasizes the steep learning curve faced by first-year teachers, highlighting the importance of support, flexibility, and a positive attitude toward learning from experiences. Bailey's ability to embrace this ethos, actively seek advice, and incorporate feedback from colleagues and staff demonstrates her commitment to professional growth and her exceptional potential as an educator.

Bailey Clarkin's remarkable achievements in her first year, her innovative teaching methods, and her dedication to student engagement and success make her an outstanding candidate for the Edwin Parr Award. Her ability to create a nurturing and effective learning environment for kindergarten students, particularly those facing the challenge of learning English as an additional language, sets a high standard for educational excellence.  Congratulations, Bailey!

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